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Classy Hair Inc. helps women's dreams come true with longer and thicker hair by using hair extensions. Hair extensions not only give you confidence but will make you feel sexier with gorgeous healthier hair. Not only will you be satisfied with your beautiful hair but excited about how you look and feel. Most importantly we use 100% human hair that is tailored to create the look of your dreams. Whether you have curly or straight hair, we will be able to match the color and texture of your hair. Hair extensions allow women to achieve any look that they desire. You will have beautiful hair when you walk out of our salon and your beauty secret will remain just that, a secret, because no one will know you are wearing them. Let us share the details of what we can achieve with your specific needs and desires.

Hair is the first thing you notice when you meet someone. Now you can have stunning looks that were formerly available only to entertainers and fashion models. We offer 3 different hair extensions with each having their own individual purpose and unique application method and personal needs. Ultratress II, Fusion, and bonding tracts - all of these are the best quality 100% human hair from Europe or Asia. They each make hair fuller and thicker with any color or texture, curly or straight. You can do anything to them that you can do to your own hair. Since these are 100% human hair we can curl or color to match your hair without styling limitation. Our hair extensions are affordable. The stylists at Classy Hair have been special trained to apply and remove hair extensions with absolutely no damage to your hair. There is no braiding of your own hair so you achieve a more natural look. These can be used to add highlights without any chemicals on your own hair.

Ultratress II is fabulous new 100% European hair that gives length and thick volume to women who are looking for either more hair or a greater range of styling their hair or maybe just a new look. Ultratress II with its advance bonding technology conceals thin hair. It looks more natural, more than any other hair extensions on thin hair because it can be placed higher on the head. It makes hair styling easier and causes less stress on existing hair than any other extensions. With Ultratress II there's no lump or bumps and they are the most comfortable extensions on the market today. You will be impressed at how simple this process can be and with a ray of colors and even highlights. The hair can also be used over again one more time.

Fusion hair extensions have been around for many years. They will stay in the hair without any worries of the extensions loosing or falling out. These extensions take a long time to be applied and removed but you may think it is worth the time. Fusion is great for those who need extremely long hair. You have many options of color and textures in the hair fusion extensions. With this product we can add highlights without any trouble matching the color of your hair.

Bonding tracks are great for someone who's wants long or fuller hair for a short time or just wants to try them out. They are inexpensive and you can use the hair over many times without damage to your natural hair. It takes less time to apply and to remove without damage with these extensions. Bonding tracts are made of Asian hair that is beautiful strong hair. It comes in any color or can be colored to match your own color. These are comfortable to wear.

So if you want a new look or a great range of styling or fuller hair, extensions are great for all of these without damage to your own hair. Classy Hair Inc. with our artistic talents is in the business to help people feel more confident and look more beautiful than ever before. The stylists have been doing hair extensions for over 15 years. Please give us a call to set up an appointment time to answer any of your questions and to choose your color and the method that best suits your needs.






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